You Can’t Make Me Hate You

I refuse to be angry at MAGA-stan; I refuse to feel ill will toward WOKE-istan

Roshana Ariel


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I miss the days when I was growing up, when our parents didn’t talk about politics. I didn’t even know what political party my parents were aligned with until I was in my 30s. We just didn’t talk about it. Just like we didn’t talk about religion … we just went to church and lived our religion.

And it wasn’t a “thing.” We didn’t know what political alignments anyone had. We just got along with our neighbors. The only elections I was interested in as a kid were student council elections.

I think those who fall into the extremes of political camps embody the shadow sides of excellent qualities. They exhibit the extreme ends of qualities we all admire.

It’s like my husband: He’s the most generous man I’ve ever met, and he can be generous to a fault.

Poet David Whyte points out that the foundation of anger is great, passionate care.

The way I see it, the healthy side of MAGA-stan honors strength, sovereign rights, hard work, self-sufficiency. And the healthy side of WOKE-istan honors care for the less fortunate, the health of the environment, diversity, equality.

The extremes of those awesome qualities are cartoonish, bent out of shape, distorted — and they don’t define most people in any political party.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

But I can’t blame anyone for how they got to where they are. They’re just going around living their lives and hearing all kinds of points of view calling to them. Loud voices from the internet — Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. — from radio, TV, the guy down the street, calling to them to listen to this idea or that. As for me, I’ve danced with the Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians before deciding that none of the parties represent me well, and I became a registered Independent about 15 years ago.

Because of the ways we were raised, or because of our genetic predilections, or because of a random video that led us down a…



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