You Can Cut Your Own Hair

Seriously, it’s not rocket science — it’s scissors and threadlike strands of protein

Roshana Ariel
4 min readOct 10, 2020


You can do it! Photo from Dreamstime.

I don’t mean to put any hair stylists or barbers out of work. They certainly have their place in society, and we’d all rather have a professional do the stuff we don’t feel confident about.

But I learned long ago that I could cut my own hair. I’ve had maybe three professional haircuts in the past 30 years, and nobody laughs at me while I’m walking down the street.

Photo by Amritpal Singh on Unsplash

Of course, with a casual style, it’s pretty easy to accomplish a satisfactory cut. I’m not suggesting that you try intricate cutouts of your initials on a closely shaved skull, or an asymmetrical glamour style … but a simple shortening of those protein follicles? Simple.

Taking responsibility for your own body

I remember the day that I was given the confidence to cut my own hair. Mind you, at the time, my hair was half-way down my back in no particular kind of hippy style.

A neighbor down the hall in our California apartment complex, Buddy, was talking about how you have to take personal responsibility for your own body. He mentioned that he did all his own grooming, including cutting his own hair, and he took pride in that aspect of his life. He and Maida, his wife, were a handsome couple with two adorable and well-groomed children.

That always stuck with me, the idea of taking responsibility for our own appearance … and I took it further. My husband at the time and I were in the music business, playing in various clubs and restaurants full time. We were the proverbial starving artists, saving our money for musical equipment, but spending little on food, rent or haircuts. Back then, wearing flashy stage-wear seemed appropriate, and I made a lot of my own outfits, with sequins and stretchy, brightly colored fabric.

When I moved back into the more conventional workforce and earned more conventional paychecks, I remembered Buddy’s words … especially after getting a few bad haircuts. Why am I spending $20 for…



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