17 Mind-Blowing Quotes About Lucid Dreaming

What is the Real Difference Between Dreaming and Waking?

Roshana Ariel


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Those who obtain perfect mastery of the dream can enlarge it to the waking world. Recognizing that the waking state is not fundamentally different from the dream state gives them the capacity to create miracles.

Kalu Rinpoche
Meditation Master

When we lie down, close our eyes, and begin to drift off, we let our guards down and allow ourselves to receive what comes without filtering out the crazy pieces. Our carefully constructed notions of ourselves, of where we end and the world begins, dissolve without our knowing. Startling bits of unknown information may well slip into our minds before the waters of Lethe* wash everything away.

Kat Duff

*Lethe is called the “river of forgetfulness”; it is one of the five rivers of the underworld in Greek mythology.

If lucid dreaming gets in your mind
blaze new trails.
If it gets in your heart
ask to know your heart’s desire
If it gets in your soul
wake up for real
see that all of life is one
big magical dream.

Clare Johnson

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Dreams are a reservoir of knowledge and experience, yet they are often overlooked as a vehicle for exploring reality. In the dream state, our bodies are at rest, yet we see and hear, move about, and are even able to learn. When we make good use of the dream state, it is almost as if our lives were doubled: Instead of a hundred years, we live two hundred.

Tarthang Tulku
Meditation Master

By cultivating awareness in your dreams, and learning to use them, you can add more consciousness, more life, to your life. In the process, you will increase your enjoyment of your nightly dream journeys and deepen your understanding…



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